NMTC Consulting for Project Sponsors

Capital A Consulting provides project sponsors with a full range of NMTC services that allow the project team to make informed decisions, increase the likelihood of securing allocation, and close their transactions more efficiently.  Services include helping project sponsors and their leadership/board determine whether NMTCs are a viable option, marketing projects to CDEs, securing allocation, and closing transactions.   Project sponsors can include real estate developers, business owners, for- and non-profits, and Native American Tribes.

NMTC Application Assistance for CDEs

Capital A Consulting works with CDEs to increase their likelihood of winning NMTC allocation.  Services include providing strategic reviews of prior submissions, performing ongoing reviews of current application drafts, assisting with pipeline selection for the application, and providing referrals to resources that could strengthen applications.

NMTC Deployment Services for CDEs

Capital A Consulting works with CDEs to deploy their NMTC allocation thoughtfully and efficiently.  Services include assisting with project selection, structuring deals, underwriting projects, and closing transactions.

HTC Consulting for Developers

Capital A Consulting provides developers with a full range of HTC consulting services.  Services include working with developers to evaluate HTCs as an option, structuring transactions, negotiating deal points, and closing transactions efficiently.

Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Grant Writing for Developers

Capital A Consulting works with affordable housing developers to compete for and win AHP funds from the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco.